Splunk is enterprise software made easy. It's easy to set up—there are no database licenses to buy, no schemas to design, no custom connectors to maintain. It's easy to deploy: customers go live in days or weeks instead of months and years. We built Splunk software as a better way to collect and harness all of your machine data. It has the flexibility to do any type of real-time and historical analysis, and the power to deliver custom dashboards and views to anyone in your organization.

More than 5,600 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and service providers in more than 90 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain operational intelligence that deepens business understanding, improves service and uptime, reduces cost and mitigates cybersecurity risk.

Fast Payback Without the Risk
Splunk Enterprise is simple to deploy, scales from a single server deployment to global large-scale operations and delivers fast payback. Download Splunk Enterprise for free, install it in 5 minutes on your laptop or on any commodity server, point it at any machine data and start using it. Splunk software is often deployed for the first time while under fire. A serious service outage or security incident in progress is stressful, but with Splunk Enterprise, you can complete your investigation in a few minutes versus hours or days.
Users Want to Use It
Most users quickly become enthusiastic fans of Splunk Enterprise because our founders focused on creating software they wanted to use. People in the trenches—sysadmins, security analysts, network engineers, developers and service desk and support staff can deploy Splunk software right away and get the hard parts of their jobs done better, faster and more easily. The Splunk web interface is intuitive, fast and supports rapid, ad hoc drill down into search results.
Eats All of Your Machine Data
Unlike other system management, SIEM and log management products that require you to spend days or weeks developing or configuring specific parsers and custom connectors, Splunk software connects to any data source. No need to be dependent on a vendor to produce a specific connector for you if it's not available. Splunk Enterprise indexes all your machine data in real time—logs, configuration data, clickstream data, change events, the output of diagnostic commands, data from APIs and message queues and even logs from custom applications. Data that is critical for troubleshooting, security incident investigations, compliance reporting and other valuable tasks is now right at your fingertips. If a machine can generate it, Splunk software can eat it.
Keeps Up with Dynamic Environments
The only constant in today's dynamic, virtualized datacenters is change. Traditional IT management and security technologies assume you know about all possible failures and risks up front and that your data formats won't change, but this just doesn't work anymore. Splunk Enterprise continually indexes all your machine data in real time and doesn't rely on brittle schemas that limit your flexibility and break when the data formats change. Any interpretation you need to do on the data, such as extracting a common field or tagging a subset of hosts, can be easily done on the fly as you search. That's why one of the top things you hear from Splunk Enterprise users everywhere is that it's incredibly flexible.
For All Types of Users
Easily build custom dashboards and reports that make sense of the huge volumes of data at your disposal with Splunk Enterprise. Combine pre-defined searches, charts, alerts and reports into a powerful dashboard, or create mashups with other web-based applications, such as Tivoli, SAP, Oracle, security consoles and more. Arm your network engineers, system administrators, security and compliance analysts, developers, support/service desk staff and business users with an up-to-the-moment understanding of what's happening in their IT infrastructure.
Meets Strategic Needs across IT
Splunk invented a new approach to managing machine data and mining its value. Splunk Enterprise is changing the way people do their jobs. Users experience significantly higher productivity and businesses experience more uptime, less revenue disruption and incredible new insights. Many customers start using Splunk Enterprise to solve a specific problem area, quickly make their initial use case an internal success then deploy it to other critical areas of IT, such as application management, security and compliance, infrastructure and operations management and to gain new visibility and insight for IT and business uers.
Scales from Laptop to Datacenter to Cloud
You have to do more with less and you need to do it faster. Splunk Enterprise lets you search billions of events in seconds on a single commodity server. Its parallel architecture means search and indexing performance scales linearly across commodity servers. And it's distributed architecture scales from a single server to datacenters to the cloud. Splunk Enterprise has its own highly efficient datastore and is not restricted by the throughput constraints or rigid schemas of traditional databases, making it the fastest, most flexible way to search, alert and report on your machine data.
"Why Splunk?"
Splunk can help you take this machine data and make business sense of it. We call this operational intelligence. Learn how Splunk can help turn silos of machine data into actionable insights for IT and the business.