NoMachine Enterprise Server
NoMachine Enterprise Server provides highly-available, secure access to all your desktops, letting you federate all your desktop nodes under a single server and deploy resources scattered across corporate networks. With thousands of employees that need fast, secure, and reliable access to their desktop environments and applications on or off-site, organizations can conveniently centralize access, management and node-monitoring. Create pools of Linux desktop nodes (Terminal Server Nodes) and scale up access to users' virtual desktops by balancing the computing load among them. Additionally, use Enterprise Server as a gateway to nodes running Enterprise Desktop, Workstation and Terminal Server.
With server fail-over protection included, NoMachine Enterprise Server provides the foundation for a highly available environment eliminating single points of failure. Create a highly-available active/passive cluster to ensure continuity of service to your users should there be a master server outage.
Deliver every type of desktop and application. Physical or virtual, personalized or standard, any OS, and according to user requirements
Point of entry for all your users. Broker unlimited connections to full Mac, Windows and Linux Enterprise Desktops
Host any number of virtual Linux desktops. Add terminal server nodes for Linux as you need them (Workstation, Terminal Server, Terminal Server Nodes)
Protect apps and data in your own cloud. Leverage profiles and security controls to deliver content based on user level, location and networks
High availability and fail-over. Maximize uptime by creating a cluster of Enterprise Servers reducing unplanned downtime


Feature comparison
Select from the Enterprise Server family of products for remote desktop and terminal server capabilities, application delivery technology and multi-node clustering. Suitable for organizations of all sizes.
Setting up NoMachine Enterprise Client
This video shows how an account holder in SD63 can setup up NoMachine Enterprise Client to connect to their school.