NoMachine Cloud Server
NoMachine's Cloud Server provides top-of-the range functionality of Enterprise Server and enables users to manage their entire remote desktop session via a web interface. It does not matter where they are, a few clicks and their remote Linux, Mac or Windows desktop is instantly available with no requirement on the connecting device other than a browser. Cloud Server brings together all the multi-node and failover capabilities of Enterprise Server, plus a powerful Apache web server to work out-of-the-box. Tailored for organizations with BYOD policies in place, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their remote desktop, it also permits organizations to consolidate all their desktops hosted on other Enterprise Servers under one Cloud Server.
Deliver a secure web-based, single point of access to all desktops
Provide access to multiple Enterprise Servers on the network
Deploy desktops via the browser to work on programs, documents and emails
Display remote data on small devices such as smartphones and tablets
Native clipboard support, for copy and paste from remote to locale and vice-versa
Regulate display quality to fit bandwidth
Screenshot functionality facilitates remote support
No complex integration, easy to install and configure


Feature comparison
Select from the Enterprise Server family of products for remote desktop and terminal server capabilities, application delivery technology and multi-node clustering. Suitable for organizations of all sizes.
Setting up NoMachine Enterprise Client
This video shows how an account holder in SD63 can setup up NoMachine Enterprise Client to connect to their school.