Scale-to-Fit: Scalable Performance and Capacity
With Nimble Storage's Adaptive Flash platform, it is easy to accommodate application growth by scaling performance, capacity, or both—efficiently and non-disruptively. While the CASL architecture enables seamless, independent scaling, InfoSight's powerful deep-data analytics deliver precise guidance on the optimal scaling approach to fit the requiremets of critical applications.

With the Adaptive Flash platform, organizations can:

Flexibly scale flash to accomodate a wide variety of application working sets
Scale up performance by upgrading compute for greater throughput and IOPS
Scale capacity by adding additional HDDs or expansion shelves
Scale capacity and performance together by clustering any combination of Nimble Storage arrays
Nimble Storage Scale Out Architecture 3 Minute Overview
Simple,scalable storage has been a myth....until now. Nimble storage's scale out architecture enables you to eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspot without the headaches of painful data migrations and force downtime.