Deduplication Backup software and system
EMC Avamar enables fast, efficient backup and recovery by reducing the size of backup data at the client—before it’s transferred across the network and stored. Avamar's variable-length deduplication dramatically reduces network traffic by only sending unique blocks, compressed and encrypted over local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs). Blocks that were previously stored are never backed up again.

This means huge savings in bandwidth for backup, a lot less disk storage needed on the back end, and, most importantly, very fast backups—often as much as ten times faster.

Avamar backups can be quickly recovered in just one step, eliminating the hassle of restoring full and subsequent incremental backups to reach the desired recovery point. The backup data can also be encrypted on the Avamar Data Store for added security.

Deployment Options
Avamar Data Store — The easiest and fastest way to deploy this solution, EMC Avamar Data Store combines an EMC-certified purpose-built backup appliance and Avamar deduplication backup and recovery software in a fully integrated, scalable, prepackaged solution. It eliminates the complexity of working with multiple vendors for hardware, software, and support. As a turnkey solution, Avamar Data Store significantly reduces on-site setup time while providing a single point of contact for purchasing, deployment, and service. View the Avamar Data Store data sheet.

Avamar Business Edition — Purpose-built backup appliance, EMC Avamar Business Edition provides a conveniently-sized, turnkey, affordable, deduplicated backup solution. Designed for midmarket companies, it features simplified management, making it ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. Built-in storage resiliency and optional replication assure availability and enable disaster recovery.

Avamar Virtual Edition — Virtual appliance deployment in which EMC Avamar Virtual Edition is implemented wholly within a VMware virtual machine.

Integration with Data Domain deduplication storage systems — Take advantage of Data Domain's performance and scale for selected backup workloads.

Use Cases
Application Modules
EMC Avamar protects your business-critical applications without interruption or downtime. It provides flexible recovery of the data you need for fast resumption of business operations. Leveraging data deduplication assures protection of key business application data in shorter backup windows, maximum network efficiency during backup, and minimal backup storage consumption.

Avamar integration with EMC Data Domain provides the alternative of directing Avamar backups of selected workloads to Data Domain systems for scale and performance benefits.

For tight integration with your business applications, EMC offers the following Avamar application modules:

EMC Avamar Client for IBM DB2 – Provide a complete deduplication backup and recovery solution for IBM DB2 databases. Facilitate quick, point-in-time, database restores.
EMC Avamar Client for Lotus Notes – Deliver fast deduplication backup and recovery for Lotus Notes, with support for Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS).
EMC Avamar Client for Microsoft Exchange Server – Deliver backup and recovery with data deduplication for Microsoft Exchange Server. Support granular recovery of individual mailboxes, folders, or messages.
EMC Avamar Client for Microsoft SharePoint –Provide backup and recovery with data deduplication for Microsoft SharePoint. Achieve granular recovery for SharePoint objects such as Web applications, sites, and calendars.
EMC Avamar Client for Microsoft SQL Server – Provide fast, online backup for Microsoft SQL Server databases with complete disaster recovery and granular restores.
EMC Avamar Client for Oracle – Deliver backup and recovery with data deduplication for Oracle. Support Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) backups and provide comprehensive protection for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC).
EMC Avamar Client for SAP – Provide fully-featured, deduplicated backup and recovery for SAP including Active/Passive cluster support and granular recovery.
EMC Avamar Client for Sybase – Deliver fully-featured, deduplicated backup and recovery for Sybase including Active/Passive cluster support and granular recovery.
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