Data Protection And Recovery
Protecting critical data can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), the amount of data requiring protection continues to grow at approximately 60 percent per year.

The problem is traditional backup solutions store data repeatedly, expanding total storage under management by 5 to 10 times, which can have serious implications from a reliability, availability and cost standpoint, especially as environments scale.

Deduplication solutions can have a powerful effect on backup performance and efficiency in physical and particularly virtual server environments, where overlapping backup windows and redundant operating systems, applications and file data and server resource contention are common.

By moving less data across the data center and storing only unique data, these solutions dramatically speed backup and restore, shorten backup windows, and significantly lower IT costs by reducing backup storage, bandwidth and management costs. Plus, they can help organizations drive IT transformation efforts by ensuring efficient, scalable and high reliability disk-based data protection.

Backup & DR Solution
We delivers advanced technology and leading solutions providing enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery for customers. The bacckup and DR solutions portfolio allows you to focus on your core business and avoid excessive capital expenditures. Our team of Data Protection Engineers, Technology Infrastructure Experts, and Certified IT Professionals are a valued member of your data protection and disaster recovery operations team.
Delivering immediate value and complete business continuity
Reduced downtime from common IT challenges such as equipment failure, viruses, security breaches, and human error
Increased IT productivity. Complete server recovery in minutes.
Virtualization for reliable, cost-efficient, and secure disaster recovery
Tape Solution
Each media technology has its specific risks and benefits. To limit technology-related risks, it is necessary to use different media for saving data. That's why some of us still using tape today.

Disk dominates the storage landscape by far. To balance its risks and optimize for minimum total risk other media are necessary. Optical media such as DVDs and BlueRay are in decline because their reliability, read/write speed and capacity just aren’t sufficient.

Only one other medium has a proven track record for professional data security while holding larger amounts of data. That is LTO Tape (for Linear Tape Open). The LTO consortium is comprised of IBM, HP, and Quantum. The LTO-norm is a bit of a stroke of luck in the history of IT. The best features of previous tape technologies have been collected into a future-capable solution. LTO tape thus captures the best parts of its predecessors. Additionally, tape offers easy off-site storage. This builds maximum professional security and data protection.

Big Data
Machine-generated data is the fastest growing, most complex and yet most valuable segment of Big Data. Watch Stephen Sorkin, VP of Engineering at Splunk, discuss challenges and approaches for making machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone