Copy Data Storage Solution
Actifio: Copy Data Storage
Radically Simple
Actifio is an enterprise class appliance based solution that snapshots data from produc-tion IT systems and then presents virtual instances of the copied data to other systems that need it, such as backup, test and development, business continuity, disaster recov-ery, archiving and analytics. The two main benefits are significant storage capacity sav-ings and vastly simplified copy data management.

Actifio is an all in one solution that replaces the traditional copy data approaches of separate methods and prod-ucts to perform backup, snapshots, and replication. It takes one golden copy of your production data once and from then on captures only changes to the source data. These changes can be retained in a deduplicated stor-age pool for efficient long term protection. The data can also be replicated synchronously, asynchronously or by Actifio’s patented Dedupe Async technology, which sends just deduplicated and compressed data between sites.

Each Actifio can be supplied with integrated storage, up to 100 TB, or can utilise any existing FC based SAN stor-age that is available. It has a comprehensive list of supported 3rd party storage providers.

All the data under Actifio’s management can be easily presented virtually to where it is required without the need to generate additional full copies. This could be multiple copies of Production for Dev/Test, or for replication to a DR site.

Actifio can work with and protect Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, VMware vSphere, SQL Server, Exchange, Oracle and IBM iSeries systems. It can integrate with existing FC SAN’s, iSCSI and Ethernet networks.

Actifio have just announced Version 6 of the Copy Data Storage platform which features self-service provisioning of data instances for test and development with Actifio's Live Clone technology providing live-updated virtual cop-ies of data.

Flexibility and Cost Savings
Oracle Fabric Interconnect employs virtualization to enable you to flexibly connect servers to networks and storage. It eliminates the physical storage and networking cards found in every server and replaces them with virtual network interface cards (vNICs) and virtual host bus adapters (vHBAs) that can be deployed on the fly. Applications and operating systems
see these virtual resources exactly as they would see their physical counterparts. The result is an architecture that is much easier to manage, far more cost-effective, and fully open.
Open Systems for Flexibility
Because Oracle Fabric Interconnect is built on open standards, you can use the servers, networking, and storage you prefer. Most alternative solutions employ proprietary gear that limits your options. With Oracle Fabric Interconnect, your options remain open.
Reliability, Simplicity, and Ease of Integration
With its open, standards-based architecture, Oracle Fabric Interconnect is nondisruptive and simple to integrate. Oracle Fabric Interconnect supports interoperability across x86 and Oracle SPARC T-Series and M5 servers and blade systems. The system’s fully redundant, hot-swappable power and cooling, hot-swappable I/O modules, and passive midplane ensure superior reliability and serviceability.
InfiniBand Server Connectivity
Oracle Fabric Interconnect utilizes the latest InfiniBand networking technology to provide high-speed, low-latency converged connectivity to your servers. Quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand Fabric provides the ultimate in performance, with data rates of 80 Gb/sec to each server in the fabric.