Splunk® for Big Data Analytics
Big Data Comes From Machines

All your IT applications, systems and technology infrastructure generate data every millisecond of every day. This machine data is one of the fastest growing, most complex areas of big data. It’s also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of user transactions, customer behavior, sensor activity, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more.Machine data holds critical insights useful across the enterprise.

Here are a few examples:
Monitor end-to-end transactions for online businesses providing 24x7 operations
Understand customer experience, behavior and usage of services in real time
Fulfill internal SLAs and monitor service provider agreements
Identify spot trends and sentiment analysis on social platforms
Map and visualize threat scenario behavior patterns to improve security posture
Making use of machine data is challenging. It’s difficult to process and analyze by traditional data management methods or in a timely manner
Machine data is generated by a multitude of disparate sources correlating meaningful events across these is complex
The data is unstructured and difficult to fit into a predefined schema
Machine data is high-volume and time-series based, requiring new approaches for management and analysis
The most valuable insights from this data are often needed in real time
Traditional business intelligence, data warehouse or IT analytics solutions are simply not engineered for this class of high volume, dynamic and unstructured data. Emerging open source technologies can provide part if the answer, but require expensive, highly-trained developerts who possess specialized skill sets. When requirements chage, these brittle solutions typically lack the agility to quickly respond. Today 's enterprises can't wait. Key stakeholders across the organization need to keep pace and adapt quickly to rapidly changing business environments. They need a technology that supports real-time analysis, data mining and ad hoc reporting -- a solution that can give them answers as fast as they think of questions.
Making Machine-generated Data Accessible, Usable and Valuable to Everyone
Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for collecting, analyzing and visualizing machine data. It provides a unified way to organize and extract real-time insights from massive amounts of machine data from virtually any source. This includes data from websites, business applications, social media platforms, app servers, hypervisors, sensors, traditional databases and open source data stores.

Once your data is in Splunk, you can search, monitor, report and analyze it, no matter how unstructured, large or diverse it may be. Splunk software gives you real-time understanding of what’s happening and deep analysis of what’s happened, driving new levels of visibility and insight. This is called operational intelligence.

Enterprise-scale big data. Splunk software scales to collect and index tens of terabytes of data per day, across multi-geography, multi-datacenter and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Because the insights from your data are mission-critical, Splunk provides the resilience you need, even as you scale out your low-cost, distributed computing environment.
Robust platform for developing big data apps. Developer teams will find a whole host of ways to leverage Splunk and maximize enterprise technology investments. Built-in SDKs for JavaScript and JSON with additional downloadable SDKs for Java, Python, PHP, C# and Ruby make it easy to customize and extend the power of Splunk.
Powerful connectivity. Most organizations maintain a diverse set of data stores—machine data, relational data and other unstructured data. Splunk DB Connect delivers real-time connectivity to one or many relational databases and Splunk Hadoop Connect delivers bi-directional connectivity to Hadoop. Both Splunk apps enable you to drive more meaningful insights from all of your data
Real-time monitoring of the entire Hadoop stack. The Splunk App for HadoopOps provides real-time monitoring and analysis of the health and performance of the end-to-end Hadoop environment, encompassing all layers of the supporting infrastructure.
Proven results. Splunk Enterprise is proven at over 6,400 enterprise customers. These organizations are using Splunk to improve service levels, reduce operations costs, mitigate security risks, enable compliance, enhance DevOps collaboration and create new product and service offerings. Splunk customers typically achieve a return on investment (ROI) measured in weeks or months, sometimes even before the software is deployed into production.
What Makes Splunk Unique
Splunk Enterprise is an integrated, end-to-end, real-time solution for machine data delivering the following core capabilities:
Universal collection and indexing of machine data, from virtually any source
Powerful search processing language (SPL™) to search and analyze real-time and historical data
Real-time monitoring for patterns and thresholds; real-time alerts when specific conditions arise
Powerful reporting and analysis
Custom dashboards and views for different roles
Resilience and scale on commodity hardware
Granular role-based security and access controls
Support for multi-tenancy and flexible, distributed deployments
Connectivity with other data stores includes scalable,real-time integration with relational databases and bi-directional connectivity with Hadoop
Robust, flexible platform for big data apps
Big Data
Machine-generated data is the fastest growing, most complex and yet most valuable segment of Big Data. Watch Stephen Sorkin, VP of Engineering at Splunk, discuss challenges and approaches for making machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone